Mount A Staghorn Fern // Nov 11

You have probably already seen these wondrous ferns hanging on the wall of your plant-loving friend's home. Now you can attain your very own living piece of art with Horti, and the do-it-yourself construction will only enhance the joy of mounting this all-vegan trophy. 

You will leave this workshop with your mounted fern to showcase in your home or to bestow upon a friend as an unforgettable gift! While at the workshop, enjoy refreshing drinks and relaxing tunes. 

Your ticket includes:
1. 4" Staghorn Fern
2. 8" X 8" cedar board
3. All other supplies for mounting
4. Drinks (tea/seltzer)

Event Details:
November 11,
 Thursday 6:00pm to 8:00pm
70 Eckford St (Greenpoint)

We will require proof of vaccination to attend, and we require masks while indoors.